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17/06-2019 18:59:22 E-MFONL EQS-News: PJSC MegaFon: Resignation of Director for IR and M&A (EQS_Group)
  16:45:02 E-HAWD DGAP-News: Hawesko Holding AG: AGM approves dividend payment of EUR 1.30 per share (EQS_Group)
  15:44:57 E-RSL2D DGAP-News: CFO Volker Walprecht leaves R. STAHL AG (EQS_Group)
  14:34:11 E-PBDA Vivoryon Therapeutics (PBD-NA): Fresh funding for AD. Immuno-oncology optionality explored (EQS_Group)
  14:00:07 E-ECXD DGAP-News: Epigenomics AG: New Clinical Data Support the Utility of Epi proColon(R) Blood Test for Colorectal Cancer (CRC) Screening in Patients with Lynch Syndrome (LS), the Most Common Hereditary CRC Syndrome (EQS_Group)
  13:25:12 E-NSFL Hardman & Co Research: Non Standard Finance (NSF): Back to basics (EQS_Group)
  13:16:32 E-CAPD DGAP-News: ENCAVIS AG: Majority of shareholders (54.4%) prefer new Encavis shares to cash dividend (EQS_Group)
  12:29:37 E-SLTD DGAP-News: Schaltbau Holding AG: Schaltbau concludes new syndicated financing arrangements totalling EUR 103 million (EQS_Group)
  11:10:02 E-LNSXD DGAP-News: Sixt Leasing SE: Sixt Mobility Consulting drives international expansion - New management personnel in Austria, France and the Netherlands (EQS_Group)
  11:00:02 E-CNWKD DGAP-News: CO.DON AG: successful Annual General Meeting 2019 (EQS_Group)
  07:30:02 E-MUXD DGAP-News: Mutares AG completes acquisition of Plati Elettroforniture from Deren Group (EQS_Group)
14/06-2019 17:57:38 E-SAED DGAP-News: Groundbreaking for new logistics centre: SHOP APOTHEKE EUROPE presents the online pharmacy of the future. (EQS_Group)
  15:17:37 E-MGNKD DGAP-News: MOLOGEN AG: Announcement to holders of the EUR 2,707,050.00 worth of convertible bonds maturing in 2027 (the convertible bonds) (ISIN: DE000A2NBMN3, SIN A2NBMN) (EQS_Group)
  13:58:17 E-MORD DGAP-News: MorphoSys's Licensee Janssen Announces Top-line Phase 3 Results for Guselkumab (Tremfya(R)) in Adults with Active Psoriatic Arthritis (EQS_Group)
  13:51:57 E-DPWD DGAP-News: Deutsche Post AG: Form notification of share repurchase programme (EQS_Group)
  12:02:27 E-HLAGD DGAP-News: Hapag-Lloyd AG: Hapag-Lloyd decides full redemption of senior note prior to maturity (EQS_Group)
  11:25:02 E-PSAND DGAP-News: PSI Software AG: Share Buyback for the Employee Participation Program (EQS_Group)
  11:17:02 E-PNE3D PNE AG: Ørsted realised the largest offshore project to date initiated by PNE AG (EQS_Group)
  11:13:47 E-DOCV DGAP-News: DO & CO Aktiengesellschaft: (EQS_Group)
  11:00:17 E-N7GD DGAP-News: Nanogate Receives Another Multimillion-Euro Order in Household Appliances (EQS_Group)
  09:46:22 E-INSD DGAP-News: Instone Real Estate Group AG: Annual General Meeting 2019 - Thomas Hegel and Dietmar P. Binkowska confirmed as members of the supervisory board (EQS_Group)
  07:08:12 E-PEHNZ Invitation to the 22th Annual General Meeting of the shareholders of Private Equity Holding AG (EQS_Group)
13/06-2019 22:40:02 E-ADJD DGAP-News: ADO Properties S.A.: New senior management to be appointed (EQS_Group)
  18:54:57 E-HLAGD DGAP-News: Hapag-Lloyd AG: Hapag-Lloyd to enter into new EUR 100 million revolving credit facility (EQS_Group)
  18:47:57 E-RUIP Correction of a release from 12.06.2019 - RUBIS: Combined Shareholders' Meeting of 11 June 2019 (EQS_Group)
  18:20:02 E-DLGD DGAP-News: Dialog Semiconductor Plc.: Second Quarter 2019 Earnings Call Invite Tuesday 30th July 2019 (EQS_Group)
  12:50:38 E-KPNA Royal KPN N.V. Press Release: KPN completes sale of Telefónica Deutschland shares (EQS_Group)
  10:14:52 E-SLTD DGAP-News: Schaltbau Holding AG: Schaltbau subsidiary Bode to supply Volkswagen exclusively with sliding door components for the MOIA ride-sharing vehicle (EQS_Group)
  07:42:02 E-VAR1D DGAP-News: VARTA AG: VARTA AG successfully concludes capital increase in the amount of approximately EUR 104 million to expand production capacities (EQS_Group)
  07:15:02 E-TC1D DGAP-News: Tele Columbus AG announces new date of annual general meeting (EQS_Group)