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06/12-2018 17:13:42: (GOGL) Notification

Hemen Holding Limited, which is indirectly controlled by trusts established by
John Fredriksen for the benefit of his immediate family, has settled a TRS
agreement(Total Return Swap) underlying 4,705,000 shares in Golden Ocean Group
Limited ("Golden Ocean") expiring December 6th 2018. Hemen Holding Limited has
subsequently entered into a new TRS agreement with exposure to the same number
of underlying shares. New expiry date is March 6th, 2018, and the new TRS
price is NOK 58.007 per share. Hemen Holding Limited's affiliated ownership in
Golden Ocean Group Limited is after this unchanged 49,326,353 shares, equal to
34.2% of issued shares and votes in the company. In addition, Hemen Holding
holds TRS agreements with underlying exposure to 4,705,000 shares in Golden
Ocean Ltd. Further, Hemen Holding holds in aggregate USD 124.4 million in the
Golden Ocean 14/19 3.07% USD 200m Convertible Bond, convertible into 1,489,463
shares in the Company, equaling approximately 1.0% of the shares and votes in
the Company.

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